Voicewalks: A Collaboration between Hearing the Voice and Stepaway Magazine (call for creative submissions, 1st August 2013)

How do we experience the voices in our minds? 
How do voices help or hinder our navigation of familiar and unfamiliar spaces, when wandering alone or when moving through a crowd? 
Where do ‘hallucinated’ voices come from and how are they linked to specific places?
How does it feel to ‘see and be seen’ when hearing voices?
How does hearing voices influence and determine movement within the city space?
What paths are traced and retraced?

In collaboration with the Hearing the Voice project at Durham University, StepAway Magazine seeks to publish a special issue dedicated to the creative exploration of inner speech and voice-hearing experiences within the context of walking in the city. The issue will present a collection of walking narratives by both voice-hearers and writers who creatively imagine hearing voices.

To accompany a commissioned piece by Iain Sinclair, we welcome submissions of poetry, prose and non-fiction from writers of any background. Ten submissions will be chosen for publication online and in print. Submissions can be as long as a 1000-word essay or story, or as short as a 17-syllable haiku poem. We will examine each submission with great care. We understand that this is a sensitive subject and we will protect your privacy should you request us not to publish your full name.

All submissions should be contained within the body of an email. No attachments please. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.

After familiarising yourself with Hearing the Voice and previous editions of StepAway Magazine, please email your submission, a short press-ready biography (should you wish to be publically identified as the author), contact details and a statement confirming that the piece has not been published elsewhere, to the editor, Darren Carlaw.

We look forward to receiving any work you have to offer before August 1st 2013.

This special issue will be launched at a special event at the Durham Book Festival in October at which authors included in the special issue will have the option to read from their work. All are welcome to attend.

For more information, please download the Voicewalks call for submissions.

StepAway Magazine is an established online literary magazine that aims to encourage all writers to walk in the city and record what they see, hear and feel. Writers record these observations in poetry, prose and non-fiction.

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