Transnational Bodies (Symposium, 6th June 2013)

Transnational Bodies
Thursday 6 June 2013, 10-17 h.
Amsterdam, Roeterstraat 11, REC-E 0.20

This symposium takes a look at recent developments in critical scholarship on the body.

The body has always occupied a secure place in the theoretical agenda of gender studies and feminist theory. It has been the site par excellence for investigating embodied experiences, power relations shaped by gender, class, race and ethnicity, national belonging, cultural imaginaries and scientific discourse. The experience of living in an increasingly globalized and cosmopolitan world as well as the recognition of shared histories of connection have generated new research on the body. New questions have emerged, shaping how we think about the body and complicating earlier insights about embodiment in contexts which are both local and global.


10-10.30 Welcome and introduction

10.30-11.15 Lorraine Nencel: Going around in circles. The conundrums of doing research about migrant women who sell sex in the age of anti-trafficking

11.30-12.15 Dubravka Zarkov: Theorizing war and violence: Complicated embodiments

12.15-13 Amade M’charek: Suspect bodies: Forensic identification and the trouble with race

14.15-15 Annemarie Mol: Body topologies. On folds, fluids, fires and other figures

15-15.45 Stefan Dudink: The King’s legs: The travel of body parts and the making of the Dutch Restoration monarchy

16-16.45 Giselinde Kuipers: ‘We will be the ambassadors for a healthy body image’. Aesthetics, ethics and civic engagement in the global beauty industry

For more information, contact Dr. Kathy Davis or Dr. Anna Aalten. Registration is open to anyone who is interested in body and transnationality in practice. Please, register by sending an email to Dr. Anna Aalten.

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