Registration Open: ‘Building alliances: Mental Health Activism and the Academy’, London

Date: 1pm-5pm, 12th October 2018

Location: Birkbeck, University of London, UK

Building alliances: Mental health activism and the academy

There is a mental health and social welfare crisis in the UK. Disability and service user-led groups are leading campaigns to raise awareness of and challenge government cuts and policy “reform”.

The question arises: how can academics in sociology, social work, psychology, psychosocial studies, and other disciplines support these ongoing activities?

The aim of this event is to facilitate building bridges between activists and academics (and people who are both).

It will open with statements from members of the user-led group Recovery in the Bin and the BSA Mental Health Study Group.

This will be followed by small group discussions on how we can strengthen campaigning alliances to improve the state of mental health care and develop theory to support our actions.

The event will conclude with summaries and plans for what to do next.

Please come along if you want to get involved in planning how to campaign for better mental health and social care in the UK.

This event marks the relaunch of the BSA Sociology of Mental Health study group.

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