PhD Studentship, University of Glasgow

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith PhD Studentship:

T. Ferguson Rodger: ‘social psychiatry’, ‘mad dreaming’, and ‘rethinking mental health’

Professor of Psychological Medicine at Glasgow University (1948-1973) and consultant psychiatrist at Glasgow hospitals, Thomas Ferguson Rodger (1907-1978) straddled a time of massive change when older ‘asylum-based’ psychiatry was challenged by emergent general hospital- and community-based psychiatry.  The PhD will explore Rodger’s contribution along three axes: (i) to situate him within a genealogy of humanities-informed Scottish, British and ‘Western’ psychiatry, including as a progenitor of R.D. Laing (given his first job by Rodger); (ii) to reconstruct his hybrid psychiatric approach, which was neuroscientific and hospital-facing on the one hand, but ‘social’ and community-facing on the other; and (iii) to disclose the intimacies of his practice, wherein the fine-grain of an individual’s life, problems and ‘delusions’ became centralised (almost to the point of being psychoanalytic)

The chosen scholar will have an undergraduate/masters background in literary studies, history and/or human geography, and must display a clear aptitude for multi-disciplinary research. S/he will be identified as the Medical Humanities Research Centre’s Lord Kelvin Adam Smith PhD student, in collaboration with Geographical and Earth Science.

The successful applicant will work under the supervision of Dr Gavin Miller (Critical Studies) and Prof. Chris Philo (Geographical and Earth Sciences), and in consultation with Mrs Moira Rankin (Senior Archivist, Glasgow University Archives). The Studentship will begin no earlier than 1 September 2013 and no later than 31 March 2014.

For full details, including how to apply:

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