PhD Studentship, Community Health and C21st Fiction, University of Leeds

Doctoral Studentship: ‘Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Well-being’ at University of Leeds

A funding opportunity at the University of Leeds for someone wanting to do PhD research on how questions of community health and wellbeing interact with twentieth-century literary fictions.

The doctoral researcher will conduct an in-depth study of health and wellbeing as they are conceptualised, contextualised and interrogated in contemporary (mid-late 20th and 21st century) British fictions. There will be considerable scope for the successful applicant to determine the particular texts and communities under analysis, but in broad terms, he/she will focus on disadvantaged or stigmatised communities or demographic groups from England, Scotland, and/or Wales; this may include a focus on regional, working-class, ethnic minority, non-metropolitan and/or urban subcultural literatures. The project will consider some of the socioeconomic and cultural factors that affect health and wellbeing for particular communities (unemployment, poverty, post-industrial decline, migration, community stigmatisation, negative reputational geographies). Further details of the project and the application process are available here:

The closing date for applications is 17th January 2014. For further information and informal advice on constructing an application, applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Clare Barker:

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