PhD Fellowship in Disability and Community Based Rehabilitation, Queen’s University, Ontario

The School of Rehabilitation Therapy’s International Centre for the Advancement of Community-Based Rehabilitation (ICACBR) at Queen’s University (Canada) is providing the opportunity for a cohort of disability and rehabilitation leaders from Commonwealth African and Asian countries to complete a PhD in Rehabilitation Science (RHBS) at Queen’s, with a specialization in international community-based rehabilitation (CBR).

The doctoral program in RHBS at Queen’s University stresses the multi-disciplinary contribution of many health professions and disciplines to rehabilitation. Queen Elizabeth II Scholars in international CBR will come to Queen’s for 3-4 years to complete a PhD in RHBS. With this program, community leaders will gain further education in leading international CBR projects through RHBS coursework, a CBR-focused dissertation, and a 10 hour/week community service commitment at the ICACBR office at Queen’s and with community partners. With training and experience in CBR, scholars will be challenged to find innovative, community-driven solutions that will result in improved access to health and social services for people with disabilities and their communities globally.


Successful candidates must demonstrate the following:

1. Academic Ability

2. Commitment to Community Development, CBR, and/or Disability Rights

3. Willingness/ability to lead international CBR programs following graduation.


Scholar eligibility:

  • Scholars must meet Queen’s guidelines for eligibility to pursue a PhD in Rehabilitation therapy. (Find eligibility requirements here.)
  • Scholars must demonstrate leadership capacity and a commitment to working with people with disabilities, families, and communities
  • Scholars must be 35 years of age or under at time of application
  • Scholars must be citizens from eligible Commonwealth countries.

For more information and directions on how to apply, please visit:

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