New Disability Studies MA, Liverpool Hope University

New Disability Studies MA
Centre for Culture and Disability Studies
Liverpool Hope University

Disability Studies is a relatively new but rapidly growing academic discipline, as illustrated by the international proliferation of courses, events, networks, journals, book series, monographs, edited collections, and so on. Though drawing on this progress substantially, the new Disability Studies MA at Liverpool Hope University differs from similar programmes insofar as it places particular emphasis on cultural issues. We are not only interested in the policies, prejudices, and professions around disability, but also its representation in literature, media, film, art, and so on.

Liverpool Hope University is well suited as a host for this programme. The regional, national, and international profile of the programme is enhanced greatly by the Centre for Culture & Disability Studies – and, by extension, the Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies, the Literary Disability Studies book series, the on-going seminar series, the International Network of Literary & Cultural Disability Scholars, and an enthusiastic team of widely published tutors.

Thanks to the expert guidance of Prof. Dan Goodley, the course has now been validated and thus commences October 2013. The modules covered include Critical Disability Theory; Disability and Professional Practice; Modelling Disability; Disability and Disciplines; Research Methods; and a Dissertation.

For more information, please visit the webpage:

Alternatively, contact the course leader Dr David Bolt (, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University.

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