Medical Confidentiality and Privacy: Past, Present and Future, 25th-26th April 2014

Date: 25th – 26th April 2014

Location: University of Glasgow


This  2-day event will encourage participants, from around the UK and abroad, to consider a range of perspectives on medical confidentiality and privacy. It has been designed to enhance understanding of contemporary areas of concern and debate, and of how relevant issues have evolved over time and within different socio-legal contexts. In doing so, the symposium is intended to facilitate positive dialogue, and encourage future collaboration, between experts from different professional backgrounds and academic disciplines.

A full programme will be available online shortly.

Key speakers on Day 1 include: Prof. George Annas (Boston University), Prof. Graeme Laurie (University of Edinburgh), Prof. Jean McHale (University of Birmingham),  Dr Emma Cave, (Durham University) , Dr Michael Soljak (Imperial College, London), Dr Janet Murray (Consultant in Public Health Medicine and Caldicott Guardian) and Dr Angus Ferguson (University of Glasgow)*

Key speakers on Day 2 include: Prof. Amy Fairchild (Columbia University, New York), Prof Sabine Michalowski (University of Essex), Prof. Holger Maehle (Durham University), Jane O’Brien (Head of Standards & Ethics at the GMC 1995-2013), Dr Al Dowie, (University of Glasgow) and Fionnula Flannery (Policy Manager, GMC Standards & Ethics Team).

The event is jointly organised by The University of Glasgow (Centre for the History of Medicine, Economic & Social History, Institute of Health & Wellbeing and Policy Scotland) and Durham University (Centre for the History of Medicine and Disease). It is supported by the Wellcome Trust.

This event is FREE  but registration is essential and tickets must be brought along:

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