Disability Studies Quarterly: Call for Editorial Board Nominations

Disability Studies Quarterly 

Call for Editorial Board nominations (including self-nominations)

Disability Studies Quarterly announces a call for members of the Editorial Board.   Members of the Editorial Board  can expect to:

  • review a manuscript every 4-6 weeks (depending on areas of expertise)
  • file reviews, with thorough comments and recommendations, in a timely manner

Members of the DSQ Editorial Board are appointed to a terms of three years, with the possibility of renewal.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the editorial board, please send the following materials to Bruce Henderson, Editor-in-Chief, and Julie-Ann Scott, Associate Editor, at dsqjournal@gmail.com:  1) a cover letter, stating your interest in being considered for the Board, as well as a description of special areas of interest and expertise; and 2) a CV.

Growth in the number and diversity of submissions received each year confirm the critical role DSQ plays in advancing Disability Studies in the U.S. and around the world.

While we welcome applications from people in all areas of scholarship, DSQ has a critical need for reviewers in the following areas:

  1. social and public policy;
  2. political science and theory;
  3. international/global/area scholarship (any region or regions welcome);
  4. fine, performing, and popular arts;
  5. intersectional studies (inter/multidisciplinary, identity studies)

If you are unable to make a commitment to full membership on the Editorial Board perhaps you are able to serve in an ad hoc capacity, reviewing an occasional manuscript that suits your expertise. Ad hoc reviewers are also encouraged to submit materials for consideration.

While we will be reviewing applications and inquiries as they come in, it would be most helpful if those interested in serving on the Editorial Board would submit the above material by August 21.

An interdisciplinary journal relies heavily on the expertise and professionalism of its editorial board. Thanks very much for considering the role you can play in supporting the flagship journal in the field of Disability Studies.

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