Disability History Conference, London Metropolitan Archives, 27th November

Disability and Impairment: a Technological Fix?

London Metropolitan Archives, 40, Northampton Road, London, EC1R 0HB

Friday 27th November 2015, 11:00 to 16:30 (GMT)

£10 (bring a picnic)

Booking / Information: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/disability-and-impairment-a-technological-fix-tickets-18000525055

Part of Disability History Month and linked to the King Edward’s Fund Archive project at LMA, this conference will feature a range of speakers including community groups, heritage organisations and academics discussing the theme of technological change and the portrayal of disability then and now. If you have any accessibility requirements please let us know.


Session 1   Projects and Perspectives   11:00 -12:30

 11:00           Peter Fuzuesi: The Technological Fix in Time

11:10           Tom Hayes: A History of the Disability Discrimination Act

11:30           Leonard Cheshire Disability:  “Given the Tools There is No Limit to What Disabled People Can Achieve”

11:50           Sue Ledger: “How Come We Didn’t Know this Happened?”

12:10           All: Q & A

 12:30-13:20 Lunch

 Session 2 Imagery and Portrayals  13:20-14:40

 13:20   Langdon Down Museum: The Depiction of Learning Disability in Art Film, and Photography

13:40   Richard Riser: Examining Representation of Disabled People. Are We Making Progress in Moving Image Media?

14:00   Simon Jarret: From Hogarth to Vagabondiana: Impairment and Mobility in the Eighteenth Century

14:20   All: Q & A

 14:40-15:00 Break

 Session 3   New Research   15:00-16:30

 15:00  The National Archives: The Medical Technology Blog

15:10   Benjamin Szreter: Technology Change as Disabling: the Blind and Deaf in Victorian Britain, 1851-1901

15:20   Claire Jones: Modern Prostheses in Anglo-American Commodity cultures

15:30    Caroline Lieffers: The Industrial Honour of Our Country

15:40   Jane Seale: Were 20th Century Computers a Technological Fix for People with Learning Disabilities? Uncovering the Ignored Answers

16:00   Maria Oshodi: Flatland

16:10   All: Q & A

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