Disability History Association Graduate Student Scholarship

Announcement from Disability History Association:

As part of our commitment to promoting the work of disability historians, DHA is proud to announce this year’s graduate student scholarship to attend professional academic conferences.  This award is not restricted by the geographic location or type of professional academic conference.  The fellowship committee will award either two applicants $250US (or equivalent), or one applicant $500US (or equivalent), depending on strength of proposals and need.  The Association will cover expenses to convert currencies if necessary.

To apply for this scholarship, applicants should provide a one-page (roughly 250 words) cover letter outlining when, where, and what kind of conference will be attended.  Applicants should clearly explain their reason for wanting to attend the conference and what benefits are anticipated in this experience.  For example, a candidate may have been accepted to present a paper or may want to interview for jobs at the conference; another may want to do both, or may want to learn more about subjects presented that relate to his/her own work.

This year’s award covers Summer 2013 through Summer 2014; applications may be submitted beginning on May 4, 2013.  The current scholarship review committee includes DHA members Phil Ferguson, Graham Warder, and Susan Burch. Awardees will be announced on the H-Disability listserv; in accepting the scholarship, winners commit to writing a brief article (500-750 words) about the conference for the next DHA Newsletter appearing after the event.

For more information on the scholarship, contact Susan Burch at sburch@middlebury.edu

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