Conference: ‘The Future of the Body: Phenomenology, Medicine and the (Post)human’

19th-20th June 2014

Trinity College, Dublin

This conference will bring together leading scholars working in Philosophy, Medical Humanities, Medicine, and related disciplines whose work critically engages with the status of the body. Central to this engagement is a phenomenological focus of the role lived experience plays in discussions about what it means to be human, especially as technologies and medical practices enter previously unchartered territories. Engaging theory with practice in an interdisciplinary context is a central aim of the workshop.

This conference will be hosted by the Trinity Long Room Hub, Trinity College Dublin’s Art and Humanities Research Institute, and is part of Trinity College Dublin’s ‘Identities in Transformation’ research initiative, in particular the ‘Somatic Identity’ thematic cluster. Furthermore, this event will be part of Trinity College Dublin’s Medical Humanities Initiative.

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