CFP: MMLA, (Mis)Representing Disability

Proposed Panel: (Mis)Representing Disability

Chair: John Allen, Milwaukee Area Technical College

This panel will address how disability has been represented and, especially, misrepresented in American culture (literature, popular culture, film, television, social media, etc.)  Papers may consider the following: How do texts perpetuate stereotypes of people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities and what are the effects of those stereotypes?  How can alternative texts counteract stereotypes and misinformation?  To what degree is misinformation about disability accepted by the general public?  Is disability being intentionally or unintentionally misrepresented?  Panelists are invited to consider literary representations of disability as well as less traditional modes (television, documentary film, commercials, websites, telethons, Public Service Announcements, viral videos, blogs, other social media texts, etc.).

Please send 250-word abstracts by June 14th 2013 to John Allen,

The Midwest Modern Language Association conference will be held in Milwaukee on November 7-10.

The MMLA also offered to create a permanent section for Disability Studies.  If anyone is interested in this possibility, please contact John Allen at

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