CFP: Malady and Mortality Conference, Falmouth University, Cornwall

Malady and Mortality – Illness, Disease and Death in Literary and Visual Culture

Conference, Falmouth University, Cornwall
19-20th September 2013

Keynote Speakers:
Professor Tony Walter, Centre for Death, University of Bath
Professor Alan Bleakley, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Health, Well Being and Environment
  • History of Medicine
  • Public Health and Medicine
  • Disease and Subjectivity
  • Disability and Agency
  • The Body in Pain
  • Palliative Care
  • Illness and Digital Technologies
  • Narrative, e-Narratives and Memory
  • Medical Intervention and Patient Testimony
  • Communication and Patient Networks
  • Medical Identities and Medical Gatekeepers
  • Sustainability, Quality of Life and Euthanasia
  • State Intervention and Legal Decisions
  • Artes Moriendi and Privacy
  • Definitions of Death
  • Rights and Ownership
  • Grief and Mourning

Please send abstracts (200 words max) to Dr Helen Thomas, with subject header ‘Malady and Mortality Conference’ by 1st May 2013


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