CFP: Edited Collection on Contemporary Art and Culture in Disability Studies

John Derby and Alice Wexler are soliciting abstracts for an edited book on contemporary art and culture as it intersects disability studies. The purpose of the book is to present broad, interdisciplinary scholarship on art and visual culture that explores disability in terms of lived experience. The book will be framed by three overlapping sections: (a) the professional art world, (b) the in-between spaces of community arts and education programs (e.g., PK-12 art and special education, mental institution art and occupational therapy, community education), and (c)
isolated artists and amateurs, including outsider artists and hobbyists. As art educators whose research intersects disability studies, the editors recognize the artificial nature of such categories, and hope to challenge them while recognizing the very real barriers that exist where disability and art interact. We seek scholars representing diverse disciplines, including visual art, performance art, the performing arts, English, museum studies, education including art education, art history, art criticism, and other social science and humanities scholars and arts professionals. In particular, we seek scholars interested in addressing the “professional art world section.”

Please send a 300-500 word abstract, title, short bio, and CV to both editors at and by 11th October 2015 for consideration in the proposed volume. The proposal is in the late stages of development and we plan to submit it in late October, 2015. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the meantime.

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