CFP: DSQ Special Issue, ‘Interventions in Disability Studies Pedagogy’

Disability Studies Quarterly, Spring 2015, special issue: Interventions in Disability Studies Pedagogy

Jointly co-edited by the Disability Studies Program @ University of Toledo: Liat Ben-Moshe, Kim Nielsen, Jim Ferris and Ally Day

As we are “Growing disability studies” (as indicated by the latest issue of DSQ, edited by Kafer and Jarmen), we believe it is time to look inward, outward, and around for innovative pedagogical principles and practices to grow the field. By inward, we invite considerations of  pedagogical methods,  assignments and practices already used by disability studies scholars in their teaching and presentations  By going outward, we invite creative submission from all teachers, cultural workers and activists who are thinking and embodying disability studies pedagogy or social justice pedagogy which takes disability from a critical stance.

Examples of topics could be, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ways to teach/ convey Disability Studies content to a variety of audiences
  • specific strategies to both incite and manage the DS classroom
  • dealing with resistant audience/students; dealing with ableism in the classroom
  • approaches used by faculty/teachers/ presenters in a variety of settings and disciplines that can be useful to the field of DS
  • explorations of inclusion and its meanings  in a Disability Studies setting
  • pedagogy used by people who are differently situated than their audience (in terms of body/minds, for example). What innovative approaches do you use as a disabled instructor/cultural worker/activist
  • considerations of  centering disability in pedagogical practices

In general, we encourage creative and collaborative submissions, from a variety of perspectives (including from students, cultural workers, artists, teachers, activists/others giving workshops).
Types of submissions, could be, but not limited to:

  • Course syllabi
  • Assignments given in Disability Studies related courses or workshops
  • Reflective essays, written collaboratively amongst presenters/teachers and /or students
  • Can include  text, audio, video, image, links to external resources

Please send abstracts (150-300 words) or letters of interest/inquiry by 30th August 2014 to

Publication timeline:
9th January 2015 deadline for submissions
1st February 2015 final drafts returned to authors
1st March 2015 final draft
April 2015 publication

Liat Ben-Moshe, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Disability Studies
University of Toledo
4420C University Hall, MS 920
2801 Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606

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