CFP: Disability, Illness and Religion Conference

Venue:  School of Mission and Theology, Stavanger, Norway
Dates:  7th-9th May 2014

Keynote speakers: Professor John Swinton (University of Aberdeen), Professor Candida Moss (Notre Dame University), Dr. Micheline Kamba (Université Protestante au Congo)

Call for papers:
The Stavanger International Conference on Disability, Illness and Religion in May 2014 aims to promote discussions within the fields of theology and religious studies that focus on illness and disability. Disability studies, Dignity studies and other interdisciplinary approaches are fairly new approaches in these fields. These perspectives have, however, become important avenues for new insights. Within the field of Biblical Studies, we have seen several edited volumes and monographs that engage with Disability Studies and apply this approach on the biblical texts. Within systematic theology we have seen constructive attempts at creating a disability theology. Within religious studies, we have seen engagements with issues such as the intersection of religion, disability, literature and art, and the intersection of environmental crisis and disability. Further investigations are nevertheless called for and should be encouraged.

For the conference we invite papers pertaining to analyses of disability and illness within the disciplines of theology and religious studies, including (but not limited to) the following:

Global perspectives on health, illness, disability and religion:

  • Colonial representations of the body
  • Disability in Islam, Judaism and other world religions
  • Intersections of dis/ability, gender, class and race
  • Economic and socio-political perspectives
  • Mission encounters

Disability, Illness and sacred texts:

  • Disability and the Bible (We particularly encourage papers on the New Testament, as this is underrepresented in current research), Tanach, Quran, etc
  • Illness and sacred texts
  • Disability, illness and healing in ecclesiastical history

Church, disability and inclusion:

  • Mental disabilities and organized religion
  • Theologies of the broken body
  • Dignity Studies
  • Denominational differences in approaches to illness and healing
  • Stigma
  • Care as a Christian praxis

Deadline for submission of abstracts: 1st Oct 2013

Find information on abstract submission and preregistration at

For questions, please contact Anna Rebecca Solevåg:

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