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Considering Disability: The Contemporary Disability Studies Journal

Special Issue: Disability and the family

At one level, disability is inextricably connected to family: think of parents looking after their disabled child, or people supporting their disabled parents or spouses in later life. It often makes more sense to talk about “disabled families” than “disabled people”, because the effects of exclusion and stigma are felt by non-disabled family members. Yet for the disability rights movement, the quest for independent living and self-determination has sometimes necessitated breaking away from infantilising parents. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities mentions families in the preamble, but aside from Article 23, does not mention the non-disabled family members who often provide a life-line for their socially excluded siblings, children or parents. Globally, family members provide the majority of assistance and support for disabled people. Aside from informal care, we still lack good research in the field of sexuality and disability. The priority of achieving rights in the public realm has left the private realm somewhat unexplored.

This special issue will explore research into all aspects of the intersection of families and disability, including but not limited to:

  • Parents of disabled children, and the new sociology of acceptance;
  • The role of parent support groups;
  • Childcare and nursery provision for disabled children;
  • Siblings of disabled children;
  • Schooling and training for disabled young people;
  • Adolescence and transition;
  • Sexuality and relationships;
  • Reproductive choice;
  • Parenting for disabled people;
  • Informal care;
  • The children as carers debate.

Contributions from the disciplines of sociology, social policy, social work, psychology, law, ethics and related fields are all welcome.  We particularly welcome papers reporting on empirical data.

Abstract deadline: 1st May 2015

Papers and abstracts can be submitted to Following peer review and after acceptance, you may be asked for a fee or voluntary donation towards the running costs of the journal. Self-funded authors will never be asked for a fee. Your ability to pay fees or donate to the journal will not affect publication in the Considering Disability Journal. Papers cannot be withdrawn after final acceptance.
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