CFP: creative and critical anthology on disability and sex

Call for Submissions from Jason Dorwart et al.:

We are seeking creative and scholarly submissions for “mad/crip/sex,” an anthology of writings by, for, and about disability and sex. We’re looking primarily for personal narratives and experiences, which might take the form of essays, interviews, fiction, poetry, visual art, critical analysis, or anything else that helps you tell your story. We are interested not only in physical disability, but also work from psychiatric survivors, consumers of mental health services, neuroatypicals, and people with cognitive disabilities and chronic pain. We are also especially interested in the intersections between queerness and crip identity and how they manifest sexually. You might draw from queer theory, crip theory, or mad studies–or not at all.

Nothing is too raw, real, or personal. We especially hope for submissions that deal with kink, BDSM, nonmonogamy, the criminalization of crip sex, sex in institutions, genderqueer/intersex/trans* experiences, sex work (on either or both sides of the exchange), porn, sex surrogacy, and sex facilitation. We are working from an explicitly sex-positive and feminist framework.

We’re accepting queries, letters of interest, and/or full submissions at this time, and the anthology will be submitted to publishers upon completion. Please email with your work or any questions.

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