CFP: Autism and Spirituality Day Seminar, University of Glasgow

Autistic Spectrum People and Religion Research Group (ASPARRG)

Sat 5th October 2013

Keynote Speaker: Dr Olga Bogdashina, on her new book Autism and Spirituality


ASPARRG is a network of academics, practitioners and faith community representatives who explore in an interdisciplinary setting, how autism and spirituality intersect.

We welcome involvement from all faith communities, perspectives and academic disciplines. We recognise that ASD people’s thinking styles are often different to the norm, so spiritual practice might also be different.  As ASD people often find social situations difficult, public worship can also be a difficult experience. However, ASD people often have great gifts to bring to faith communities, too.

ASPARRG welcomes inquiries from academics or faith representatives interested in our work, and further information can be obtained by contacting the organisers.

ASPARRG would also welcome papers/presentations on the following topics:

  • Autism and religion(s)
  • Autism and spirituality
  • Autism, community and inclusion

Closing dates for abstracts (max 200 words): 20th September 2013

Abstracts and inquiries to:

Ruth Dunster

Christopher Barber

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