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‘The Monstrous, the Marginalized, and Transgressive Forms of “Humanity”’, Graduate Conference, 5-6 April 2013. Deadline: 15 Jan 2013.


Monsters, angels, demons, vampires and cyborgs challenge conventional notions of humanity. The lived experience of many humans also pushes against these norms. Through the investigation of trangressive being(s), this conference will explore what it means to be “human.”

We welcome panel and individual paper proposals on topics relating to the boundaries of humanness including, but not limited to discussions of Avatars, Angels, Demons, Cyborgs, Superheroes, Vampires, and Post-human Bodies. We also welcome papers which address Abilities/disabilities, Madness, Genius and Mental Illness, Animality, Hybridity, Race, Gender, Religion and Sexuality.

Please submit paper proposals of 350 words or less to Wendy DeBoer wdeboer[@] by January 15th 2013. Please also include name, institutional affiliation and program of study with your proposal. Acceptances will be communicated by February 15th 2013.

Wendy DeBoer, Syracuse University. Contact:


‘Disabilities in Literature’ (12/31/02; collection of essays)


Note: This announcement replaces the call for papers for the volume originally entitled Intellectual Disabilities in Literature: Critical Essays (posted July 2012).

Previously unpublished critical essays are being sought for a new volume tentatively entitled Disabilities in Literature: Critical Essays. The federal definition for disabilities includes the following: emotional, speech and language (communication), physical, visual, deaf, autism, learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury. There is another category called “Otherwise Health Impaired” that includes chronic or acute health problems such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, leukemia, and sickle cell anemia.

The volume will consist of 15-20 critical essays which are divided into 3-5 thematic categories such as “Literary Representations of Disability in Literature,” The Function of Characters with Disability,”“Portrayal of Normality versus Disability in Literary Texts,” and “Issues of Gender, Race, and Class in Impairments in Literature.” (The section titles may change based on the types of papers we receive from our contributors.)We welcome submissions from both literary scholars and nonliterary academics who have some background in literature and the humanities. Interested scholars should submit a 500-word abstract and a professional vita, as e-mail attachments, to John J. Han ( by December 31, 2012. Deadline for completed essays of 15-20 pages is June 1, 2013. We plan to finish editing accepted submissions by November 1, 2013.

John J. Han & Carol Austin, Missouri Baptish University. Contact:,

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