CFP: ‘Art History and Disability Studies’, Review of Disability Studies

Call for Papers: ‘Art History and Disability Studies’, a special issue of the Review of Disability Studies.

Art History has not been as influenced by Disability Studies as have other disciplines of the humanities.  Art Historians have analyzed images by and about disabled people without integrating Disability Studies scholarship, while many Disability Studies scholars refer to images, but do not necessarily incorporate art historical research and methodology.  This special issue centers on interdisciplinary Art History and Disability Studies scholarship.  Papers may address issues such as the following:

  • Specific representations of disability throughout art history, including works by disabled and nondisabled artists
  • Portraits of disabled individuals throughout history, with visible and/or invisible impairments
  • Scientific, anthropological, and vernacular images of disability and how they have influenced fine art
  • Representations that display disability and eroticization
  • Performance in the forms of artworks and in the everyday lives of disabled individuals
  • Exploitation versus agency
  • Theories and implications of looking/staring versus gazing in disability studies and in art history
  • Examples of visual art that represent and/or challenge stereotypes of disability

Submissions due 1st Dec 2013.  Please send an abstract and CV via email to Ann Millett-Gallant ( and Elizabeth Howie (

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