Call for Special Issues: Journal of Literary and Cultural Disability Studies

Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies

Proposals for special issues

If you are interested in guest editing a special issue of JLCDS, please send a proposal on or before 10th January 2014.

Your proposal should consist of a title, a 500-700 word summary, and brief bios of the proposed guest editors.

Other special issues include:

1.1 – Disability and/as Poetry, Jim Ferris, 2007.
1.2 – Disability and the Dialectic of Dependency, Michael Davidson, 2007.
2.1 – The Representation of Cognitive Impairment, Lucy Burke, 2008.
3.2 – Blindness and Literature, Georgina Kleege, 2009.
3.3 – Deleuze, Disability, and Difference, Petra Kuppers and James Overboe, 2009.
4.2 – Ablenationalism and the Geo-Politics of Disability, Sharon L. Snyder and David T. Mitchell, 2010.
4.3 – Disabling Postcolonislism, Clare Barker and Stuart Murray, 2010.
5.2 – Representing Disability and Emotion, Elizabeth J. Donaldson and Catherine Prendergast, 2011.
5.3 – Disability and Life Writing, G. Thomas Couser, 2011.
6.2 – Popular Genres and Disability Representation, Ria Cheyne, 2012.
7.2 – Disability and Native American/Indigenous Studies, Siobhan Senier and Clare Barker, 2013.
7.3 – Disability, Humour and Comedy, Tom Coogan and Rebecca Mallett, 2013.
8.2 – Cripistemologies, part 1, Merri Lisa Johnson and Robert McRuer, 2014.
8.3 – Cripistemologies, part 2, Merri Lisa Johnson and Robert McRuer, 2014.
9.2 – Disability and the American Counterculture, Stella Bolaki and Chris Gair 2015.
9.3 – Disability and visual culture, Alice Hall and Tobin Siebers, 2015.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. David Bolt
Senior Lecturer, Education and Disability Studies:

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