About Disability Studies


This blog is designed as a networking facility for people working within disability studies and the medical humanities, co-founded by Dr Hannah Tweed and Dr Nuala Watt,  postdoctoral researchers at the University of York and the University of Glasgow.

Disability studies is a discipline that emerged in the late twentieth century. It is a multi-disciplinary field of study, encompassing researchers, artists and health practitioners from across the arts and humanities, social sciences, and health science. In Cultural Locations of Disability Snyder and Mitchell write that “we primarily come to know disabled people, both historically and in our own moment, through representations of their lives, experiences, and bodies that have been manufactured by those outside of the immediate disability experience” (2006:19). One of the primary aims of disability studies is to analyse the representation and experience of disability, and contribute to policy-making and medical treatment.

We hope that the DSN will assist with this work, in bringing together scholars and artists across the arts and humanities and sciences. It will also function as a forum to post short pieces of current research, reviews of new publications and conferences, calls for papers, updates on relevant events and exhibitions, and opinion pieces on disability in contemporary society. If you would be interested in contributing to the DSN, please email Hannah at hannah.tweed@york.ac.uk.



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