New Mad Studies Course, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

In Spring 2014 a Mad Studies course developed in partnership with mad identified and mad positive academics and activists was delivered at Queen Margaret University. It is a funded collaboration between CAPS Advocacy, NHS Lothian’s Health and Well Being Programme, and Queen Margaret University. The first fifteen mad identified students completed the course in May 2014. This work has been influenced and guided by academics at Ryerson University (Reaume 2006, Church and Reville 2013).  Mad Studies, and this course in particular, offers an opportunity to challenge dominant, hegemonic discourses of madness, creating a learning community and space within which to make sense of, and deconstruct, socially constructed discourses of madness. Our experiences, those of both the learners and the educators, resonate with Costa’s (2014) assertion that education is knowledge and knowledge empowers us. The course will be held annually over three years at Queen Margaret University. The next course will run from 27th March – 1st May 2015 and is free of charge.

For more information please contact Elaine Ballantyne, 0131 474 000,